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Understanding Pool Aesthetics

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that our pool looked. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unsafe for visitors, since the entire cover was having problems. I began thinking of various ways to make things right, and it occurred to me that the best thing we could do would be to replace the cover. It was incredible to see just how much of a difference it made, and within days, the pool looked like a brand new area. I wanted to begin a blog all about understanding and correcting pool aesthetics, so you know how to make things right.



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3 Types of Pool Liners for Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool

If you are having an above ground swimming pool installed at your home, there are many decisions you need to make in regard to its construction. One of those choices is the type of liner that you use for the pool. With there being a few options to pick from, it will help to know the main differences between them all.

Overlap Pool Liner

A very common style of pool liner is the overlap variety. As the name implies, this liner creates an overlap with the pool's lip where it hangs past the edge slightly. An overlap liner will be more affordable compared to the other materials out there, which is why it is often selected by people that have a small budget for their swimming pool.

However, the overlapped style of the liner does make it easier to use for pools that are created in an irregular shape. If there is a central part of your pool that is much deeper than the surrounding surface area, then you may be better off with the overlap liner style so that it works better.

J-Hook Pool Liner

A j-hook pool liner is a bit different from the overlap variation. The big difference is that the liner does not extend over the edge with an overlap. Instead, it attaches directly to the pool's wall with a hook. You won't see the liner hanging over, which can create a clean look.

In addition, j-hook pool liners are easy to have installed, which means you'll save costs on the labor for the installation as well as repair or replacement costs down the road. The small j-hooks can become damaged over the years, but they are easy to replace and do not require the removal of the entire liner to do so. This makes repairs cheap and inexpensive.

Beaded Pool Liner

Another name for a beaded pool liner is a hung liner. It is quite different than other pool liners since it uses a small track that has been placed around the pool's edge. The liner can attach to this track with a bead of thick vinyl, which is where the name of the liner comes from. It helps keep the liner from moving once in the pool.

Many pool owners decide to go with a beaded pool liner because of the ease of installation. However, the style is known to allow water to become trapped between your pool's exterior wall and the liner. For more information on above-ground swimming pools, contact your local pool contractor today.