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Understanding Pool Aesthetics

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that our pool looked. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unsafe for visitors, since the entire cover was having problems. I began thinking of various ways to make things right, and it occurred to me that the best thing we could do would be to replace the cover. It was incredible to see just how much of a difference it made, and within days, the pool looked like a brand new area. I wanted to begin a blog all about understanding and correcting pool aesthetics, so you know how to make things right.



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4 Spring Pool Maintenance Tips To Get A Head Start On Keeping Water Clear

The sooner you get started with pool maintenance, the easier it will be to keep water clean and clear this year. First, you want to prepare the water and equipment before spring-like weather brings the green algae blooms with it. Here are some spring pool maintenance tips that will help prevent problems with water quality before they start:

1. Checking the Chlorine Levels and Balancing the PH Levels

One of the first things you will want to do for spring pool maintenance is check the chlorine levels. You can be pretty sure that you are going to need to add chlorine to your pool. In addition, check the PH levels, and balance them to ensure that your water is safe for swimming and to stop algae growth before the weather outside gets warmer and blooms take over the water in your pool.

2. Preparing Pool Equipment and Inspecting It for Winter Weather Damage

If you have weatherized your pool equipment, you are going to need to prepare it to start circulating and filtering the water in your pool. This is the time when you will want to check equipment that may have been damaged during winter freezing. Look for leaks and cracks that need to be repaired, before you start circulating the water. Weatherizing your pool equipment and clearing water out of the lines will help prevent a lot of winter freeze damage to pool equipment. Contact a pool repair service for help with weatherizing equipment and preparing it for your pool opening.

3. Shocking the Pool Water to Kill Any Organisms Before They Start to Grow

Once you have checked the pool equipment and had any repairs done, you will be ready to shock the water for the first time. This is the process of raising the chlorine levels to kill off any organisms in the water, before they have a chance to grow. Shock the water, and leave the pump running for several days, until the chlorine levels go down to a normal level that is safe for swimming.

4. Maintaining the PH Balance and Skimming Debris Off the Top of Water

After you have done all the work to prepare your pool, you want to stay in control and regularly check the chlorine levels and pH balance. In addition, it is important to keep the top of water clean, especially when there is spring pollen and tree debris that can get into the water and cause problems.

These are some tips to help with the pool maintenance that needs to be done to keep water clear throughout summer. If you need help with repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, contact a pool service to get a head start on your pool maintenance this year.

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