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Understanding Pool Aesthetics

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that our pool looked. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unsafe for visitors, since the entire cover was having problems. I began thinking of various ways to make things right, and it occurred to me that the best thing we could do would be to replace the cover. It was incredible to see just how much of a difference it made, and within days, the pool looked like a brand new area. I wanted to begin a blog all about understanding and correcting pool aesthetics, so you know how to make things right.



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3 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Pools

If you have been thinking about installing a pool in your backyard but negative thoughts are holding you back, you should make sure that your assumptions are correct. Here are a few swimming pool myths that you need to stop believing today.

Myth #1: A Pool Will Decrease the Value of My Home

A popular myth that keeps people from putting in pools is the idea that a pool will decrease or harm the value of your home. However, this is not true. While the value of your home may not increase the same amount that it cost you to install the pool, having a pool will increase the value of your home. Most people who install a pool see a modest jump in the value of their home.

Additionally, when you sell your home, a pool can be a real selling point. A pool can help you attract buyers who are specifically looking not just for a house but for a home with a pool and a fun space to spend time outdoors.

Myth #2: Pools Have to Be Smelly

Another popular myth that keeps people from installing pools is the idea that a pool has to be smelly. If the idea of a strong chemical smell all the time coming from your pool is a turn-off, it shouldn't be. A pool that smells strongly of chlorine actually means that the pool is not clean. The strong smell that comes from a pool is a result of chlorine mixing with sweat, urine, and body oils. A properly-taken-care-of pool should not have a strong smell to it at all.

Myth #3: Pool Owners Never Use Their Pool

Finally, many people labor under the false myth that after installing a pool, most people find that they don't use the pool that often. This is just false. Most pool owners are happy that they have a pool in their backyard. Not only do they use their pool, but they also find that having a pool helps enhance social gatherings and celebrations and is a great way to spend time with immediate and extended families. Pool owners find that having a pool enhances their lives and leads to more opportunities for both socializing and relaxing.

Don't let the three myths above hold you back from putting in a pool. A pool will actually increase the value of your home and will provide you with a means to relax and increase your socialization with family and friends. Remember, a well-taken-care-of pool will not smell like chemicals.

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