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Understanding Pool Aesthetics

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that our pool looked. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unsafe for visitors, since the entire cover was having problems. I began thinking of various ways to make things right, and it occurred to me that the best thing we could do would be to replace the cover. It was incredible to see just how much of a difference it made, and within days, the pool looked like a brand new area. I wanted to begin a blog all about understanding and correcting pool aesthetics, so you know how to make things right.



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Repairs Your Pool Might Need When It Develops Cracks

If you think you're seeing cracks in your concrete pool, your eyes probably aren't deceiving you. Cracks in swimming pools are fairly common, and they're usually in the top layer of plaster and not serious. However, you may want a pool contractor to look at them to make sure they aren't structural and to make repairs. Light cracks on the surface of the plaster can be a DIY repair job, but more severe cracks need the help of a pool repair contractor. Here are some signs that pool cracks are more serious and some repairs that can be done.

When The Plaster Has Many Thin Cracks

A few cracks in the plaster are mainly a cosmetic nuisance that can be repaired using marine putty that you can use underwater. For those, you can buy a patch kit at a pool supply store and fix them yourself if you feel comfortable doing it. The putty fills the crack, stops water, and improves the appearance of your pool. When plaster cracks develop due to age, then your pool may soon be covered with fine cracks and bubbles in the plaster. When this happens, you'll need professional help, and the pool contractor may recommend resurfacing your pool. This involves draining the pool and applying a new layer of plaster so your pool has a smooth surface free from cracks.

When A Crack Is Deep In The Concrete

When cracks go all the way into the concrete, they take on more urgency to repair. You may notice your water level drops quicker than usual due to water leaking through the crack. Your pool repair contractor will determine if the pool needs to be drained to make repairs. These cracks can be filled by injecting the material deep into the crack to seal and stabilize it. The contractor may use epoxy, hydraulic cement, or plaster patch depending on the location and type of crack.

Your contractor may also want to determine the reason for a crack if it's structural to make sure the damage won't be ongoing after the pool repairs are done. If shifting or eroding soil is to blame, then your pool may need more extensive repairs than simply filling cracks. This might include using metal staples to stabilize the crack or raising a sunken area of the pool with mud jacking or a similar method. Your contractor will probably have a solution for any pool problem you might have. However, just because you see cracks, you don't have to fear the worst. All your pool may need are simple repairs.