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Understanding Pool Aesthetics

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that our pool looked. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unsafe for visitors, since the entire cover was having problems. I began thinking of various ways to make things right, and it occurred to me that the best thing we could do would be to replace the cover. It was incredible to see just how much of a difference it made, and within days, the pool looked like a brand new area. I wanted to begin a blog all about understanding and correcting pool aesthetics, so you know how to make things right.



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4 Tips To Improve Your Winter Pool Installation Project With Custom Features And Comfortable Spaces

The winter is a time when you may be inside by a fire, but it is also a great time for improvement projects to prepare for next summer. One of the projects that you may be considering is making over outdoor living space and installing a pool. You want to have comfortable spaces to relax by the water and custom pool features to enjoy next summer. The following tips will help you with the improvements to outdoor living space and custom pool features for summertime recreation.

Decide on the Type of Pool to Have Installed During Your Winter Pool Installation Project

When you get ready to build a custom pool for your home, there are many options to consider. The most affordable solution will be a pool with a vinyl liner or above ground pools. For in-ground pools, you may want to consider options like fiberglass pools or custom-built pools with tile surfaces or other materials. Custom concrete pool designs will give you the most options for the features you want to add to your pool.

Choose the Filtration System and Integrated Water Features to Give Your Pool a Custom Design

When you are building a custom pool, you are also going to want to consider the type of filtration system that you have installed. These filtration systems can be things like sand and salt if you are using conventional pool chemicals to treat the water. In addition, there are also options for natural filtration systems, which can include water features that are integrated into the design of your pool filtration.

Add Covered Spaces and Options for Convertible Pool Enclosures to Use Your Pool All Year

Another option that you will want to consider for your new pool is adding covered spaces. This can be covered areas that are part of outdoor living space and pool areas, or they can be part of the pool enclosure systems and covering for patio areas. Retractable pool enclosures for your custom pool will allow you to use the pool more during bad weather and during times of the year when most outdoor pools are closed for the winter.

Use Pool Decking Design and Outdoor Living Spaces to Make Your Pool Part of Your Home's Living Space

Another improvement that you will want to do to the area around your pool is a custom deck area and surface. First, consider the type of materials you use, like if it is better to use softer slip-resistant materials near the pool like recycled porous paving surfaces. Away from the pool's edge, you may want to consider pavers, stamped concrete, and acid-stained surfaces to give these surfaces a unique custom design.

These are some tips that will help with the installation of a pool during the winter months and designing custom features and outdoor spaces. If you are ready to have a new pool installed, contact a swimming pool contractor for help with planning your project this winter.